Rewriting History

[Transcript  of presentation to Lyceum Combined Faculty by Harold Stockmoor]

   Good morning. Throughout Thelian history it has been believed that the first documented use of magic was the Alyssum Incident of 0007, however while preparing a report on the history of Dawn’s Light, I came upon archived security footage taken aboard the Thelian Dawn itself that I believe shows an unexpected use of magic much, much earlier than we currently teach. Continue reading

Education, Spirituality and Magic

   Education has always been one of the highest priorities of the Thelian people.  School attendance is not mandatory regardless of age, but Thelian society is such that in is unfathomable to think a child may not wish to learn.  Educational programs are structured so that the families choose the school they feel best teaches their children based upon learning styles.  All schools teach the same things but in different ways. Continue reading

Government and Infrastructure


   The four continents of Thelios – creatively named Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta based upon their order of settlement – are divided into twenty-one regions.  A global government sets core laws and maintains infrastructure, education and security on a global level. The twenty settled regions are otherwise autonomous.  The twenty-first region, Trimbolen, has remained unsettled but for a research center, and falls under the direct control of the global government. Continue reading

Discovering Thelios


    In the Earth year 2138, astronomers discovered asteroid 873592 — named Ragnarok — was on a collision course with the moon. Teams of scientists set to work trying to avoid calamity: some sought ways to divert the asteroid’s course; while others designed huge underground bunkers designed to protect people from the catastrophic effects such an impact would have on Earth’s climate. As attempts to change the asteroid’s course failed, a third plan grew in popularity and funding.

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