Government and Infrastructure


The four continents of Thelios – creatively named Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta based upon their order of settlement – are divided into 21 regions.  A global government sets the core laws and maintains infrastructure, education and security on a global level. The 20 settled regions are otherwise autonomous.  The 21st region, Trimbolen, has remained unsettled but for a research center, and falls under the direct control of the global government.

All Thelian citizens pay a flat tax of 20% to the regional government – the regions then send a portion of those taxes on to the global government. Unemployment is all but unheard of on Thelios.  Those who find themselves without jobs are put to work for either the local or global government.  In turn, the government acts as a head-hunter – trying to match up the employee with non-governmental job openings. 

The government will provide all basic needs for the citizens – shelter, food, water, medical care, etc. – either at the regional or global level.  While the government will provide for all basic needs, these provisions are not lavish and come with caveats. The food meets all nutritional needs but tends to be bland. Housing is clean and sturdy, but those who live in government-provided houses must agree to regular inspections.  Further, the houses are built with myiad sensors that may be used to monitor the occupants. Those found to be breaking the law or who seem to be trying to just leech benefits from the government are subject to review and may lose their housing privilege.


There is suitable public transportation on Thelios so that most people do not require private transport.  Even the smallest of cities has sufficient shuttle bus service to allow for easy passage around town. Trains and long-range shuttles connect the village with larger cities and the major cities are connected with high-speed trains. Hover ferries are the common transportation to and from islands and between continents.  Air travel is rarely used except for travel between continents as many passengers would rather ride through the frequent storms on the rails as opposed to in the air. 

Driverless technology allows citizens to have a rental car come to their location and automatically return to the rental station when it is no longer needed. This driverless technology has also proven beneficial in apprehending accused criminals – authority over-rides can lock a vehicle and have it go to the nearest guardian station.    

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