Lincon Interviewed!

Lincon had a little talk with Lexi Miles of

You can read the interview on her blog,  here.

Thanks, Lexi!


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Making Progress!

So I’ve made a number of changes to the site over the past few days:

  • Songs of Tarros: Amarrah gives a little information about the first Songs of Tarros book and includes a brief excerpt. This is the project that has consumed me for the past year.
  • The World of Thelios provides some background information about the planet and Thelian society
  • People of Thelios has profiles of some of the characters who appear in the stories.
  • I’ve also added a wee little picture and snippet about myself to the side, as well as some handy-dandy icons to my FB and Twitter pages

There are more changes to come! Prayers/well-wishes/positive thoughts for my sanity will be greatly appreciated as I try to figure out how to include more world and character information.

Thanks for hanging in there!

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Under Construction

Around New Years I announced I was going to be making changes to the site. Instead I’ve been editing, revising, and writing smaller things posted on my Facebook page. Now that 6 months have passed, I’m getting to the site revamp. Things are gonna be pretty messy around here for a while, but hopefully will be looking much better before another 6 months passes.

See you soon!*



*give or take 6 months

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Staying Alive

#StayAlive challenge – post a black and white photo of yourself in support of suicide prevention.

The moment I saw mention of it on Twitter, it resonated with me because years ago as a lonely, introverted high-schooler, I almost turned the other way. Since then it has been important to me that others who felt as I did know that there are people they can talk to – people who understand – people who care. So I started searching my photos for something appropriate.

I discovered that I have more pictures of curious-looking bugs than I have of myself. I scowled at the few snapshots that I do have and rejected each one in turn. Nobody would want to see a picture of me. There is nothing special or glamorous about me. I should just forget about it. All the feelings I had so long ago came crashing back, and I realized that in some ways they’ve always been lurking.

Don’t look at me.

Don’t see me.

But please let me matter.

Please, somebody notice that I’m alive.

Please, God, let somebody care.

I know now that my feelings don’t always reflect the truth. I know now how to work through the rough times. But thirty-some years ago, that wasn’t the case. Thirty-some years ago I was seconds away from giving in to those feelings.

Thirty-some years ago someone took the time to talk with me. It was an awkward discussion, but I came away knowing that someone cared. Someone noticed. Someone showed me that I mattered. I left that discussion desperately clinging to a hope that things would get better – a hope that would see me through the dark and low times.

I still don’t have a picture to post, so instead will issue my own “challenge”

Notice.  Care.  Show someone that they matter.


The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is a nation-wide network of crisis centers. They are available 24/7 and all calls are free and confidential. If you need to talk with someone or are concerned for another, please reach out!

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Thank you for following Thelios!

The Main Story has ended, but there is much more in store. A site revamp is in the works as well as expanded information about the world, more character stories, recipes, and a continuation of the saga of the Alfath and Dawn’s Light.

See you soon!


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