Ad-lib Story: Home for the Holidays

“Hey where did you go?” Steve poked his head in the bedroom door to see Jen packing their suitcase. He sighed, stepped through the door and quietly closed it behind him. “Jen, do we really need to do this now?” His voice was hushed and he cast a nervous glance to the door. Continue reading

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Ad-lib Story: Living the Life

(Another Twitter-prompted story!)

Henry’s knuckles were white on the steering wheel and he kept leaning forward to peer up at the sky. He didn’t like this — being out in the open plains with nasty-looking black clouds rolling in. He would much rather be back at his mundane suburban house leading his mundane suburban life. The wind sent his mundane suburban sedan skidding across the road and Henry whimpered a prayer that he find shelter soon. Continue reading

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Ad-lib Story: Missing Cards

Inspire by Mad Libs, I have a writing exercise where I ask others to provide certain things and then create a story based off what people suggest. I asked Twitter for: a means of transportation; an animal; a weapon that doesn’t shoot bullets; an article of clothing; a profession; and a food so bad you wouldn’t feed it to you worst enemy. I got a ton of suggestions, so the next several posts are going to be the stories created from this exercise. Hope you enjoy them!

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Happy Holidays!

I am a Christian. I celebrate Christmas and I feel very strongly that the consumerism associated with the holiday is overshadowing the true meaning of it – Christ’s birth and the gift of salvation. (We won’t get into the timing of it – I won’t try to justify institutional decisions made LONG before my time.)

But I have friends of varying – and no – faiths. Some of them have holidays around this time of year as well. Their faiths (or lack of faith) are no threat to my beliefs. I have no reason to slight them by steadfastly refusing to wish them happiness in their celebrations for the sake of upholding my own. My Christmas will be just as merry and bright.

And so I say to ALL my friends of whatever faith you choose to embrace: Thank you for being in my life. I wish you all a warm and happy holiday.


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And Now for Something Completely Different

I started writing this years ago when we were kicking around the idea of forming a family band. Found the notes on my phone at 4:30am, and decided to finish it. (Note: the image is because I couldn’t figure out a formatting I liked otherwise.)

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