An Elite Order of Guardians

A Brutal Cult

A Battle for the World

Three thousand years after settling the planet Thelios, mankind has nanobots, cybernetics, and autonomous cars, but parents and and their adult children still don’t know how to talk with one another. Working through secrets, lies, and loss of trust is all the more difficult when embroiled in a covert war for control of magic and the planet.

Caelynn Creed’s studious life is shattered when she discovers magic exists and her adoptive father is one of the most powerful casters in the world. When Caelynn is arrested for a museum robbery, Ken is forced to reveal how he rescued Caelynn from a murderous cult on the night she was born. Now, twenty-five years later, the Alfath want her back, and Caelynn has to figure out why she is so important to them while sorting through feelings of betrayal at Ken’s secrets.

As a medical student, Collin Foley swore to do no harm. Now a lord of the Alfath, he’s entrusted with a magical artifact and tasked with recovering their lost queen, Amarrah. As his quest leads to Caelynn Creed, Collin is forced to compromise his oaths and go to increasingly violent lengths to fulfill his duty to his people.

The son of a legend, Lincon Sparks always knew he would become a guardian even if he couldn’t match his father’s magical talent. After Everett Sparks is captured by the Alfath, Lincon starts training with Ken in hopes of becoming powerful enough to save his father. When events take a turn for the worse, Lincon realizes he may have to choose between saving the woman loves or rescuing his father.