Thelios Fact Book: Region Dagr

Region DagrDagr

Location: Northeast region of Gamma Continent

Regional Capital: Faxi

Primary Industries: Tourism; Agricultural Research (Hydroponics); Communications Technologies

   Named for the ancient Norse god of the day, Region Dagr consists mainly of thickly forested mountains. It is the coldest inhabited region on Thelios — only the unsettled region of Trimbolen across the Northern Sea achieves  colder temperatures.  Region Dagr is sparsely populated: the regional capital of Faxi is the only true city in the region with the rest of the populace living in remote villages scattered throughout the mountains.

   The rugged terrain of Dagr offers what many consider to be the most spectacular views on the planet, leading to a thriving tourism industry. Almost all of Dagr’s food is produced in hydroponic facilities, and even the smallest, most remote villages are centered around a hydroponic farm. Many farming techniques and technologies developed in Dagr quickly become standards in other regions.

   The regional capital of Faxi lies along the eastern shore near the southern regional boarder. Though Faxi is smaller than other regional capital cities, it is every bit as modern due to the people relying heavily on the latest technologies. Even in the harsh winters, the people of Faxi can easily move around thanks to heated streets and underground  transit.  Every year people from all over Thelios flock to Faxi for their yearly Ice Festival.  Teams from around the world arrive up to a month early to work on giant ice sculptures that fill the fields outside the city. The festival itself lasts three weeks and culminates with a massive fireworks and laser show.

   The Ice Festival isn’t the only thing that draws tourists to Dagr, though. In the late spring after the worst of the winter snows have thawed, deep valleys throughout the mountains explode in color as flowers that only grow in Dagr come into bloom.  Even some of the smallest, most remote villages in the mountains see an influx of visitors, and tour companies offer special Spring Bloom packages.

   On the surface, most Dagr villages appear tiny — a few narrow buildings pressed up against mountain walls. Due to the long, harsh winters in the mountains, many village structures are subterranean. Shops, businesses, civic offices, and homes are built within the mountains themselves.

   Though the people of Dagr rely heavily upon the latest technology, communications and travel between villages remains difficult in the winter months. This isolation has led to closed, tight-knit communities within the villages — though they are welcoming of tourists and excel in hospitality, there is a clear separation between residents and guests. This isolation has also led to a rise in beliefs in pre-Thelian superstitions and folk-lore.

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