Two Records

   Kit Elstock had already wrapped up everything on her schedule for the day, but the evening would bring a round of social obligations that came with being head of the Archeology Department.  She believed this time it was a reception at an art gallery intended to woo potential corporate donors. But while the status and pay of being highly placed in the Athae Academy meant she had a comfortable life, Kit missed the actual work — the exploration and discovery – of archeology.  And so instead of heading home to  freshen up and change into a fancy gown and thoroughly impractical high heels, she remained at her desk examining two incredibly rare samples of pre-human text. Continue reading

Recipe: Berrycakes

When I wrote about Caelynn’s first morning with her father and Sparky, I wanted to come up with a breakfast comfort food – the sort of thing that people talk about when they say “when I was a kid I loved waking up to…”  I didn’t have a specific idea in mind for berrycakes – I just knew that I wanted it to be more than throwing a handful of berries into a box of pancake mix. Continue reading