SoT:Firesong Part 25 – Reconciliation

Rett fidgeted as he stood before the door. He reached for the control panel but hesitated, leaving his fingers hovering over the number pad. The entry code for Ken’s apartment was the same as his own, but he probably shouldn’t enter unannounced. Ken had been nothing but supportive and understanding since Rett’s release, but Rett responded with only anger and bitterness. Besides, Ken may have changed the code since he and Angela bonded and she moved in. He moved his hand over to the door chime, but hesitated once more.

Maybe this was a mistake. He had no right to expect Ken’s welcome so early in the morning. Gripping Rocky tightly, he promised he would look for Ken later in the day… maybe after lunch… or tomorrow… and turned to go.

The door slid open and Ken held out a mug. “Tea’s getting cold.”

“I’m broadcasting, aren’t I?” Rett smirked as he took the offered drink.

“I didn’t want to rush you, but your energy was getting prickly and I didn’t want you to talk yourself out of coming in.” Ken led the way back into his apartment.

“I had,” Rett admitted as he followed Ken to the kitchen. “You caught me just in time. After the way I’ve treated you, I didn’t know if you’d want me just waltzing in your door.”

“You are always welcome in my home, Rett. Always.” Ken picked up his own waiting mug from the counter. “Does this mean that you’re… better… about what happened?”

Rett tensed, but took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “I’m still angry, and I don’t understand how you can be all right with what happened.”

“I’m not all right.” Ken replied bluntly. “I don’t like any of it, either, Rett. But I understand why Caelynn made her decision and I understand why Lincon made his.” He held up a hand when Rett started to say something. “I don’t agree with them, but I understand their reasonings and I am proud of them even through the pain.”

Rett avoided Ken’s gaze by keeping his focus on his tea. He remained quiet as he drank it, his ire melting away as he considered Ken’s words. “Fair enough. Even if you were all right with it, I still shouldn’t have taken it out on you. I’ve been an utter ass and I’m sorry.”

Ken accepted the apology with a slight nod as he took a sip of his coffee, but Rett felt a wave of emotion crash over him. It was a deep, calming breath after waking from a nightmare; a dissipation of grief; a sudden absence of Bad. It was a relief so profound it brought tears to Rett’s eyes. Ken smirked as he drained the last of his coffee. “Guess you’re not the only one broadcasting.”

He cast a glance to the darkened hallway leading to the bedrooms. “So… if we’re good, I’d like to run something by you. Angie and Bet are still sleeping and I’d rather not risk waking them early. Training Hall?”

Rett nodded and set his empty cup on the table. “Let’s go.”


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