SoT: Firesong Part 3 – Orders

Kenneth Creed felt little relief as he drove up to the outpost garage. Technically, the mission had been a success even with the Director’s orders to withdraw. Technically, they rescued both his daughter and his best friend. But too much blood had been spilled on all sides, and of his team, Ken was the only one returning to headquarters physically unscathed. Continue reading

SoT: Firesong Part 1 – Plenty of Time

Note: Songs of Tarros: Firesong is a work-in-progress. This means the writing is rough and minimally edited. It’s a follow-up to Songs of Tarros: Heartsong so there will be spoilers. This is not the finished story, but rather me dragging you along as I work on my first draft. Hope you enjoy!

The door opened and staccato footsteps rushed towards him. Muffled voices spoke but their words — like the pain — were muted by the soothing melody that washed over him and promised an escape. Whatever they wanted didn’t matter any more. Everett Sparks let himself drift into the darkness where they could no longer hurt him. Continue reading

Father and Son

   His face was a sullen, resentful storm: the anger of a little boy who felt he was too old to admit his heart was breaking. He didn’t understand why Uncle Ken and Caelynn were leaving. He didn’t want to be there, holding back angry tears while Mom and Dad were taking turns hugging and kissing Caelynn and telling Uncle Ken goodbye. They were sad about it too, and Mom kept wiping away tears. It was alright for her to cry since she was a girl. But even Dad wiped a hand over his eyes, and that made Lincon even more confused and sad. He scowled harder. Continue reading

Ken and Rett: Review

   Sitting at a table before the review committee, Ken and Rett exuded quiet, respectful confidence. They had answered all the questions promptly, correctly, and their skills were legendary. Everyone on the committee was familiar with their story: the orphaned boys of extraordinary power who had grown up in Arion Valley. Arete had unofficially started their training shortly after Ken’s fourteenth birthday, and both officially joined Dawn’s Light the day after he turned eighteen. They both sailed through recruit and commander training programs in record time. Continue reading

Ken and Rett: Birthday Present

   The chime at the door took Ken by surprise, prompting him to pause in his work. He briefly closed his eyes and focused his thoughts, then chuckled softly as he went to open the door.

   “Happy birthday, Ken.” Rett grinned at him. The two men embraced tightly before Ken stepped aside to let Rett into his home. Continue reading