SoT:Firesong Part 25 – Reconciliation

Rett fidgeted as he stood before the door. He reached for the control panel but hesitated, leaving his fingers hovering over the number pad. The entry code for Ken’s apartment was the same as his own, but he probably shouldn’t enter unannounced. Ken had been nothing but supportive and understanding since Rett’s release, but Rett responded with only anger and bitterness. Besides, Ken may have changed the code since he and Angela bonded and she moved in. He moved his hand over to the door chime, but hesitated once more. Continue reading

SoT:Firesong Part 22 – Rocky

They spent the rest of the afternoon together, sorting through the remaining boxes while Evy filled Theis in on some of the happier news. “The doctors had some success with Bet’s spinal regeneration. She didn’t regain full ability, but she can walk short distances without help and longer with exobraces. She’s on medical retirement and is now living with Paladins Creed and Creed.” Continue reading

SoT:Firesong Part 19 – Running Late

Thomas was reaching for his hairbrush when the spasm hit. The brush fell from cramped fingers and clattered on the counter as he fell hard to the floor. Muscles throughout his body seized, and searing pain flashed through him, as if his blood had turned to acid. He could see his hand out of the corner of his eye and the way his fingers twitched as blackened veins pulsed under his skin. Continue reading