Where the Magic Happens

There was a recent uproar in Twitter when someone called J.K. Rowling pretentious for having a writing room – aka: an office.  A lot of writers responded – some with their dreams of being able to have a writing room some day, some with describing their own offices. So I thought I’d show you the birthplace of Thelios.

Brace yourselves for the awesome…

writing space


Yup – that’s a folding table and a kitchen chair shoved between the side of my bed and my bedroom closet. Most of Heartsong was written here because it was the only spot in the house where I could close a door between me and my family so I could focus.

I’ve since branched out, doing a fair share of my work a few times a week at a local cafe. I’m pretty sure I’ll become a coffee goblin if I maintain this practice while writing Stormsong.

That’s a price I’m willing to pay for my craft.

Regardless, I’ll continue to write wherever I can find a power outlet for my laptop and a decent latte. There’s a lot more magic in me, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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