Findalaran’s Journal: Homecoming

   The songs of Tarros will lead me home, and I count on the journey being shorter than when we made our way here. But the journey will still be long, and traveling swiftly will require great focus. My mission cannot wait, though, and so I ended my seclusion earlier than I would have preferred. The sooner I return to Tarros, the sooner I can return with assistance to stop the Alfath, and the sooner we may all return home.

   There are no goodbyes this time. Only Aliss has come to sing me on my way. Her voice is a blessing to me. It is difficult for me to leave my people, but I cannot ask of them a mission I will not undertake myself. I pray wisdom and guidance for Toras and Aliss in my absence.

◊ ◊ ◊

   I hear Tarros calling me home. It is a dim beacon in the void and I smile to think of seeing my family and friends once more even if my mission is dire. The songs are weak but I am still a long ways off. So, too, I hear the songs of Terra. This will be a boon when I lead the others back to Earth to confront the Alfath. I wonder if Terra is becoming a part of me in the same way Tarros is a part of all Sprytath?

◊ ◊ ◊

   Something is wrong. I draw closer to Tarros but the songs remain weak. I worry for what has happened here since our departure.

◊ ◊ ◊

   They are gone. I can barely bring myself to put thought to the words — to accept the horrors I have seen — but it must be recorded. Their deaths should not be ignored. I arrived in silence. None came to greet me. It did not take long before I saw the first of the bodies. I soon found the others: my brethren in the Lochfa; my sister; my uncle and his generals. All seemed to suffer the same fate. There are no wounds on the bodies, no signs of injury or illness. But from their expressions I can tell their passing was not pleasant. I have sent out a Call. Any Sprytath left on Tarros will feel it and be drawn to the temple. I know it is in vain, though. I can feel to my very core that I am alone.

◊ ◊ ◊

   Whatever has claimed my people is trying to claim me, too. I feel myself weakening by the moment. Returning to the temple, I knelt in hopes I could restore enough of my power to fight off this attack, for surely this cannot be a happenstance or accident. In my prayers I recalled a song of Terra that Aliss devised. It is a ward of protection, and as I sang I could feel the attack ebb away. It is still there, seeking a way past my protections, and I do not know how long my ward will hold. I must seek the source of this fell magic and right whatever has been done here.

◊ ◊ ◊

   The horror of finding everyone dead pales compared to the horror I’ve discovered upon finding the source of the Life Drain. Sharra — my beloved Sharra — now I know your fate and the pain of uncertainty has been replaced with fury. Forgive me for not finding you. Only my duty to those I left behind on Terra keeps me from giving myself to the Life Drain and joining you in oblivion.

   The Alfath, in their hatred and spite, have not only killed the Sprytath but have defiled one of the most beautiful and powerful places on Tarros. The Lake is second in power only to our temple. It is a sacred place — a place where Tarros sings. I have destroyed the Alfath sigil here, disposed of their bodies and reclaimed Sharra to return her to the temple. May she return to Tarros in peace. I will scatter Elystia seeds that the purifying blossoms may help restore the Lake to its former state.

◊ ◊ ◊

   I have not the power to return to Terra now. The defilement of the Lake and the death of the Sprytath have dimmed the songs of this world and thus restoring my own power will take longer than anticipated. I am stranded here, at least for a time. I pray for the last of my people on Earth as they continue their work against the Alfath there. I pray they will not send others to look for me and thus diminish our numbers further. And so I wait. I meditate and I sing. I return the fallen to Tarros. I prepare for the day when my strength is restored and I may bring justice to the Alfath.

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