Lessons Learned

     Grampa sits at the window, gazing out at the stars. He’s not looking forward, to where we’re going, but rather he’s looking back: back to the home he left as a child; back to sunlight and rain; back to real grass and flowers you could actually touch and smell. Even if the Thelian Dawn finds a new planet to colonize, he knows it won’t be in his lifetime, so he holds tightly to his memories of Earth. He gets especially nostalgic this time of year in what he calls the “Holiday Season.” Continue reading

Happy Holidays!

I am a Christian. I celebrate Christmas and I feel very strongly that the consumerism associated with the holiday is overshadowing the true meaning of it – Christ’s birth and the gift of salvation. (We won’t get into the timing of it – I won’t try to justify institutional decisions made LONG before my time.)

But I have friends of varying – and no – faiths. Some of them have holidays around this time of year as well. Their faiths (or lack of faith) are no threat to my beliefs. I have no reason to slight them by steadfastly refusing to wish them happiness in their celebrations for the sake of upholding my own. My Christmas will be just as merry and bright.

And so I say to ALL my friends of whatever faith you choose to embrace: Thank you for being in my life. I wish you all a warm and happy holiday.