Profile: Lincon Sparks

Status:  Active – Commander/Acolyte – DL93722

Age: 31

Birthdate: 082.2831

Sex: Male

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Height: 1.83 meters

Current Residence:  Delphi Regional Outpost, Delphinia

Past Residence: Arion Training Facility

Past Residence: Skala, Region Laconia

Past Residence: The Lyceum, Arion


Everett Sparks – Father (Paladin  DL78521) – MIA

Meli Sparks – Mother (Protected)

Kenneth Creed – Mentor (Paladin DL78522)

Details: 082.2831 Lincon Sparks was born at Lyceum, Arion to Paladin Everett Sparks and Meli Sparks. The Sparks family lived in Paladin Sparks quarters in Faith Spire.

095.2838 Lincon Sparks demonstrates inherited ability to perform fire-sourced magic.

172.2843 Upon Lincon demonstrating sufficient control over his magical abilities, the Sparks family moved from Arion to Skala, Region Laconia. Everett Sparks remained active in Dawn’s Light while Meli and Lincon Sparks maintained their Protected status.

095.2848 Upon completing secondary education, Lincon Sparks immediately applied for and was accepted to Dawn’s Light training. Began Recruit Training 102.1848.

095.2849 Completed Recruit Training with second highest marks in all fields. Applied for and was immediately accepted to Commander Training.

095.2856 Completed Commander Training. Accepted into the Order as an unguided Acolyte. Requested and was granted transfer to Delphi Regional Outpost in Delphinia City.

001.2862 Paladin Kenneth Creed granted special permission to begin mentor Commander Sparks in Paladin Training.


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