Profile: Everett Sparks

Status:  MIA – Paladin – DL78521

Age: 61

Birthdate:  379.2800

Sex: Male

Hair: Red

Eyes: Green

Height: 1.8 meters

Current Residence:  Skala, Region Laconia

Past Residence: Lyceum, Arion

Past Residence:  Idyll, Region Bragi


Percival Sparks – Father (Deceased)

Marinda Sparks – Mother (Deceased)

Abigale Sparks – Sister (Deceased)

Evelyn Sparks – Sister (Deceased)

Mikel Sparks – Brother (Deceased)

Arete – Mentor / Adoptive mother (Paladin DL63952 – Deceased)

Meli Sparks – Wife (Protected)

Lincon Sparks – Son (Commander/Acolyte – DL93722)

Kenneth Creed – Friend (Paladin DL78522)

Theis – Protégé (Commander/Acolyte – DL91873)

Evangeline Harris – Student (Lieutenant / Research and Tech – DL98351)

Details: 138.2794  Percival Sparks, a civilian agent of Dawn’s Light, appointed Sentinel of Idyll, Region Bragi. Idyll had previously been identified as a sensitive location and thus was deemed off-limits to all personnel. Percival Sparks and his wife, Marinda, moved to a small homestead just outside the protected grounds.

379.2800 Everett Sparks was born to Percival and Marinda Sparks at the Sparks homestead. He would be the oldest of four children. A sister, Abigale, was born in 2802 and twins Evelyn and Mikel were born 2807.

253.2808 Everett Sparks displays a talent for fire-sourced magic. Though Percival had no magical talent himself, previous generations of the Sparks family were also known to possess fire magic abilities.  Percival Sparks contacted Lyceum Arion for guidance on training Everett.

037.2810 Percival Sparks reports evidence of poaching within protected grounds of Idyll. Poaching activity increases over the next 14 months.

382.2811 First observed instance of Everett Sparks using non-fire sourced magic. Everett’s use of ground magic credited with enabling Percival Sparks to apprehend the leader of the poaching ring preying on Idyll wildlife.

072.2812 Percival Sparks issues Priority One distress call. Regional guardian units responding to the call report Sparks home engulfed in flames with no survivors. Paladin Arete dispatched to investigate. Paladin Arete discovered Everett Sparks alive in the basement of the ruined house and delivered the boy to Lyceum Arion. Though Everett was certain he was the cause of the blaze, further investigation revealed the fire was set by the remnants of the poaching ring broken by Percival.

273.2812 Everett Sparks accompanied Paladin Arete to Region Dagr to apprehend a boy who displayed powers similar to Everett’s. Everett Sparks was instrumental both in recovering the child and in introducing Kenneth Gage to training in Lyceum Arion.

043.2816 Everett Sparks formally entered training along with Kenneth Gage. Though Everett quickly completed formal training, he was repeatedly denied graduation due to numerous disciplinary infractions.

326.2822 Everett Sparks promoted to Commander.

138.2826 Married Meli Hopewell.

082.2831 Lincon Sparks born.

326.2832 Promoted to Paladin.

172.2843 Sparks family moved to Skala, Region Laconia. Paladin Sparks remained active, commenting between Skala and Lyceum Arion.

152.2862 Everett Sparks was attacked while investigating ancient Thelian ruins in Region Chandu. Paladin Sparks is MIA and assumed captured by the Alfath.


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