Recipe: Berrycakes

When I wrote about Caelynn’s first morning with her father and Sparky, I wanted to come up with a breakfast comfort food – the sort of thing that people talk about when they say “when I was a kid I loved waking up to…”  I didn’t have a specific idea in mind for berrycakes – I just knew that I wanted it to be more than throwing a handful of berries into a box of pancake mix. Continue reading

Education, Spirituality and Magic

   Education has always been one of the highest priorities of the Thelian people.  School attendance is not mandatory regardless of age, but Thelian society is such that in is unfathomable to think a child may not wish to learn.  Educational programs are structured so that the families choose the school they feel best teaches their children based upon learning styles.  All schools teach the same things but in different ways. Continue reading