Biedrekka: Legends and Facts of Basilisks

In Songs of Tarros: Heartsong, the beidrekka is a lethally venomous lizard in the world of Thelios and the moniker adopted by a notorious hacker. When coming up the idea of this futuristic terror (the lizard – not the hacker), I looked to the past and the tales of basilisks. Continue reading

Where the Magic Happens

There was a recent uproar in Twitter when someone called J.K. Rowling pretentious for having a writing room – aka: an office.  A lot of writers responded – some with their dreams of being able to have a writing room some day, some with describing their own offices. So I thought I’d show you the birthplace of Thelios.

Brace yourselves for the awesome… Continue reading

Ad-lib Story: Living the Life

(Another Twitter-prompted story!)

Henry’s knuckles were white on the steering wheel and he kept leaning forward to peer up at the sky. He didn’t like this — being out in the open plains with nasty-looking black clouds rolling in. He would much rather be back at his mundane suburban house leading his mundane suburban life. The wind sent his mundane suburban sedan skidding across the road and Henry whimpered a prayer that he find shelter soon. Continue reading