Tybalt Perdition out Thursday!

I had the pleasure of beta reading this, and am so excited for its release! Read and enjoy the origins of the most awesome ocean fairy ever!

John Cordial

So after more than a year of edits and revisions, Tybalt Perdition arrives this Thursday!

It’s the first tale of Caldyr’s adventures as a fairy detective and it tells of her meeting Reynardine, the dread fox and trickster. (Also it’s book #0 of the Glass Fate series and an introduction to the world in general.)

In another world, a ship sinks above an ancient reef. In the icy waters, among scores of drowning sailors, she was born.

Caldyr Prayers is a mostly normal fairy, but a not-so-normal detective, especially for Stockton, California. She’s looking to make a name for herself and build a real life; a proper legacy as the World’s foremost fairy private eye. She’s just gotta get off the ground with her wings tied behind her back (to keep her fairyhood secret from the humans.) All she needs is a chance…

And in walks Reynardine Slybold—the Dread Fox…

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3 thoughts on “Tybalt Perdition out Thursday!

  1. Thanks for the reblog, Kelly! Glad you like Caldyr so much. Thanks for the beta-reading too, it was a massive help 🙂 (Not sure if you got the other comment, I’m kind of a wordpress noob ^^; )


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