SoT:Firesong Part 27 – Calling Card

Ken’s furious expression melted away as soon as the dining hall doors closed behind him. The other paladins were waiting for him in the corridor.

“Two days.” Rett snickered as they started down the hall. “They lasted that long? If I recall, we didn’t make it one day.”

“Six hours,” Ken replied. “… almost. But we were younger than they are. They should have more self-control.” Continue reading

SoT:Firesong Part 9 – Survivor

Gloved hands trembled as Rett reached for the clothes the guard dropped off earlier that morning. They told him the Alfath held him for over six weeks. He’d spent another three locked up in Ananke while Dawn’s Light tried to determine if the Alfath were able to break him. He’d cooperated fully with the interviews and interrogations, eager to put it all behind him and go home. But now that he was finally cleared, he hesitated. He felt himself balancing on a precipice, afraid to move lest he go tumbling back into Hell. Continue reading