So where are the updates, Kelly?

If you’ve been following along, you probably noticed that I’ve missed the past few updates. Back at the start of this, I included a warning that Songs of Tarros: Firesong is a work-in-progress and the final story would likely be different from what is posted. Well, that work-in-progressness is why I’ve stopped posting updates.

I’m still writing the first draft, I’ve already gone back and made some significant changes to parts I’ve already posted. The parts I’m writing now reflect it, and I realized for those reading along here, the story will be horribly disjointed with some parts contradicting what I’ve already posted. So for now, there won’t be any more Songs of Tarros: Firesong posts.

The good news is that I’m very close to finishing this first draft! I’m also getting a head start on the next book: Songs of Tarros; Stormsong, as well as stand-alone stories for the world and people of Thelios. Stay tuned!

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