SoT:Firesong Part 11 – Remnant

Dayne stood at the metal rail of the catwalk and scanned the warehouse for any sign of trouble. The floor below was a flurry of activity as people erected partitions and assembled cots. Volunteers prepared food for everyone in a kitchen at one end of the room while those with first aid training bustled about the medical bay treating those injured during the last attack. Elodie patrolled the warehouse floor and passed out guard rotations while Samon stood look-out at the main door. Squeals and laughter echoed from a far corner where Bailey and Lila created a make-shift playground for the younger children. Everyone was coming together in ways the Alfath could never have achieved before, and it was in no small part due to Lincon. Continue reading

SoT:Firesong Part 9 – Survivor

Gloved hands trembled as Rett reached for the clothes the guard dropped off earlier that morning. They told him the Alfath held him for over six weeks. He’d spent another three locked up in Ananke while Dawn’s Light tried to determine if the Alfath were able to break him. He’d cooperated fully with the interviews and interrogations, eager to put it all behind him and go home. But now that he was finally cleared, he hesitated. He felt himself balancing on a precipice, afraid to move lest he go tumbling back into Hell. Continue reading