SoT: Firesong Part 2 – Buckle Up

“Target has changed.”

“Don’t break cover, but we’d appreciate it if you could slow them down a bit.”

“They’re coming out armed. Local forces are taking fire.”

“I’ve got people down!”

Standing in the mission control center, Dawn’s Light director David Evans kept his eyes glued to the holodisplay as he watched the battle taking place half a world away. He clenched his jaw and forced himself to remain stoic as the blast from an energy rifle took down one of their most powerful magic casters. Continue reading

SoT: Firesong Part 1 – Plenty of Time

Note: Songs of Tarros: Firesong is a work-in-progress. This means the writing is rough and minimally edited. It’s a follow-up to Songs of Tarros: Heartsong so there will be spoilers. This is not the finished story, but rather me dragging you along as I work on my first draft. Hope you enjoy!

The door opened and staccato footsteps rushed towards him. Muffled voices spoke but their words — like the pain — were muted by the soothing melody that washed over him and promised an escape. Whatever they wanted didn’t matter any more. Everett Sparks let himself drift into the darkness where they could no longer hurt him. Continue reading