Lyceum Arion Records: Theis

Profile:  Theis

Status:  Active – Commander/Acolyte – DL91873

Age: 38

Birthdate: 247.1824

Sex: Male

Hair: Black

Eyes: Green

Height: 6’

Current Residence:  Lyceum Arion

Past Residence: Tauro, Region Minos

Past Residence: Rinthi, Region Minos


Deis – Father (Deceased)

Therista – Mother

Everett Sparks – Mentor (Paladin  DL78521) – MIA

Evelyn Harris – Friend (Lieutenant  DL98351)

Details: 247.1824 Theis was born in the Rinthi Medical Center in Region Minos. His father, Deis, was a sergeant in the Rinthi Guardians and his mother, Therista, wrote historical fiction. The family declined the offer of Guardian quarters in favor of a small homestead on the banks of the Paristino River.

97.1837 Theis first comes to the attention of Dawn’s Light as a potential water-sourced magic user. A group of children were playing on an old pier over the river when the pier collapsed. Theis, age 13 at the time, heard the children yelling and went to help. He discovered a child was trapped in the wreckage of the pier and instructed the other children to get help while he stayed with the trapped girl. Authorities soon arrived and freed the girl. Theis said that he just stayed with her, talking to her to help her keep calm, but the girl claimed that the water was over her head until Theis arrived and said Theis keep the water back so she wouldn’t drown. Measurements of the wreckage and water levels support the girl’s claims.

225.1840 Lieutenant Deis killed in the line of duty. He was credited with foiling what would later be deemed an attempted kidnapping by the Alfcar.

036.1842 Theis accepted to Minos Academy in Tauro. Full expenses paid by the Guardian Memorial Fund. Began accelerated studies in history with a focus on Pre-Thelian Warfare.

057.1847 Completed studies and immediately offered faculty position at the Minos Academy.

168.1849 Theis once again comes to the attention of Dawn’s Light when, on an Academy-sponsored hike, he diverted a waterfall to save one of the students. While hiking along a slick edge, a student lost his footing and plummeted over the edge of the falls. Multiple witnesses reported Professor Theis reached towards the water and the course of the falls changed to catch the student and cushion his fall.

171.1849 Paladin Dajo (DL84993) dispatched from Lyceum Arion to Minos Academy to interview and evaluate Theis.  Application for Dawn’s Light submitted 185.1849.

210.1849 Theis begins Recruit Training at Lyceum Arion.

226.1851 Completed Recruit Training. Applied for Commander Training. Applied for the Order.

002.1852 Accepted to both Commander Training and the Order.

001.1854 Completed Commander Training.

040.1854 Accompanied Paladin Everett Sparks (DL78521) to Thelios City, Region Thelos to apprehend a young magic user named Evelyn Harris. Paladin Sparks and Commander Theis returned to Lyceum Arion with Miss Harris on 049.1854.

247.1859 Began Paladin Training under the mentorship of Everett Sparks.

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