Lyceum Arion Records: The Alyssum Incident

The Alyssum Incident of 0007 was the first verified use of magic on Thelios, and was the genesis of the magical combat program that would develop into the Order of Dawn’s Light.

Before settlement of Thelios began, plans were made for the capital city of Region Alexandria to be situated in the northern plains of the region along a pristine turquoise lake. The city was to be called Alyssum, named for the nearby fields of wildflowers that resembled the terrestrial flowers of the same name. In year 0007, settlement plans called for the dispatch of a survey team to the area to begin identifying and marking out the specific locations for critical settlement structures. Because of the length of the mission and because thorough scouting of the area had revealed no threats, members of the team were granted permission to take their families with them to the site. A temporary village was established on the shore of the lake.

Members of the Heritors, a separatist group who rejected the rule of the global government, had scouted the lake area previously and had decided to make their own settlement there. A group of Heritors arrived to claim the land three weeks after the preliminary village was constructed. The initial contact between the Heritors and the survey team was tense and terse with the Heritors demanding the survey team and their families leave the area.

After the Heritors withdrew, guardian commander Rovan Shelton sent a message to the guardian headquarters in Thelios City requesting aid in defending the settlement. The message never got through. Commander Shelton ordered the few guardians with the survey mission to maintain a watch over the village. The surveyors were also instructed to not go into the field to work without a guardian to accompany them.

The next day Mabel Shelton, Rovan’s 7 year old daughter, was playing with other village children when she was distracted by a featherbug. She didn’t think anything of chasing the bug out into a field because she’d seen her father head to the field with a survey crew.  When she managed to coax the featherbug to land on her hand, Mabel went running to show her father.

Mabel arrived to find two strangers arguing with her father and the survey crew. The argument grew heated and one of the Heritors struck Commander Shelton. The following witness statement was provided by Edson Birk, survey team captain:

“None of us knew Mabel was there until that man hit Rovan. Before we could do anything, Mabel shouted, ‘Hey!’ and stamped her foot. A wind blew up out of nowhere, whipping around the survey site. Mabel pointed her finger at the man who hit her father and said ‘We don’t hit people! Say you’re sorry!’  The angrier Mabel looked, the stronger the wind whipped around us. Mabel yelled ‘Say you’re sorry now!’ and just then all the flowers in a 10-foot radius around the site pulled out of the ground and flew at the guy’s face. He screamed he was sorry and he and his buddy ran for the hills. As soon as they were gone, the wind died down and Mabel started crying that her featherbug  had flown away.”

Commander Shelton, Mabel and the survey crew returned to the village. Commander Shelton once again attempted to send a message to Guardian Headquarters using a Priority One channel. Dawn’s Light assumed control over the situation, sending reinforcements to the village to protect the surveyors and families.

Commander Shelton and his family were taken to the Dawn’s Light headquarters located outside Thelios City. Commander Shelton admitted in an interview that he had some magical abilities himself and his children Mabel and son Jason had inherited his talent. Upon review of the incident and Commander Shelton’s record, he was offered a position in Dawn’s Light. Commander Shelton accepted the offer and would eventually develop the Magical Combat Training Program – the precursor to the Order.

The Heritors who instigated the confrontation were apprehended and taken into custody. Settlement of the Alyssum site was canceled after a thorough investigation. The village was dismantled and the survey crew sent home. The city of Aristo was declared the new capital city for Region Alexandria. The Alyssum site was deemed a sensitive location and has remained off-limits to civilians and guardians alike.

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