Lyceum Arion Records: Evelyn Harris

Profile:  Evelyn Harris

Status:  Active – Lieutenant / Research and Tech – DL98351

Age: 25

Birthdate: 291.1836

Sex: Female

Hair: Brunette

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5’3”

Current Residence:  Lyceum Arion

Past Residence: Thelios City, Region Thelos

Past Residence: Khovoda, Region Thelos


Ronald Harris – Father

Patricia Harris – Mother

Edward Harris – Brother

Calvin Harris – Brother

Thomas Harris – Brother

Alexander Harris – Brother

Kevin Harris – Brother

Everett Sparks – Advisor (Paladin DL78521) – MIA

Theis – Friend (Commander/Acolyte – DL91873)

Details: 291.1836 Evelyn Harris was born to Ronald and Patricia Harris in Khovoda, Region Thelos, the youngest of six siblings and the only daughter. Academic records are incomplete as Evelyn only attended classes for tests – in which she consistently scored high. Advisors noted that from a young age Evelyn was driven by a desire to prove herself against her older brothers.

300.1848 Evelyn Harris applied for Thelos Academy. Her application was rejected due to her being 12 years old at the time. She moved to Thelios City regardless and attended classes and lectures on a wide range of topics, including fashion design, robotics, and structural engineering. Evelyn became well known amongst the Academy faculty as “the best student never enrolled”.  Academy authorities and Thelios City Guardians repeatedly attempted to take Evelyn into custody and return her to her parents in Khovoda, but she always managed to evade capture.

026.1853 Evelyn Harris came to the attention of Dawn’s Light when they received reports that she was using ground-sourced magic to avoid capture by the authorities. It would be another year before she would be brought in by Paladin Everett Sparks.

048.1854 Paladin Sparks apprehends Evelyn Harris and promptly recruits her into Dawn’s Light. Evelyn enters Recruit Training.

048.1855 Evelyn Harris completes Recruit Training with high marks. Immediately applied for and accepted to Commander Training. Applied to join the Order.

035.1856 Evelyn Harris, at Paladin Sparks recommendation, withdraws her application for the Order as well as her place in Commander Training. Assigned to Research and Technology with the rank of Lieutenant.


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