Lyceum Arion Records: Caelynn Creed

Profile:  Caelynn Creed

Status:  Protected

Age: 25

Birthdate: 074.1837

Sex: Female

Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5’9”

Current Residence:  Delphinia City, Region Delphi

Past Residence: Phanaeus, Region Delphi

Past Residence: Lyceum Arion


Kenton Creed – Father (Adopted / Paladin  DL78522)

Merrick Ashbury

Em Weathers

Brayson Levermaine

Details:  074.1837 Caelynn Creed was discovered shortly after birth in an Alfcar encampment in Region Raqmu – the apparent intended subject of one of their rituals. The ritual was interrupted by a combined force led by Paladins Kenton Creed and Everett Sparks. After neutralizing the Alfcar threat, Paladin Creed performed a transference to save the child’s life. The transference created an irrevocable bond between Paladin Creed and the child and thus he became her de facto father and granting her Protected status. Paladin Creed brought the child to Lyceum Arion where they lived in the Paladin Quarters in the Faith Spire.

076.1840 Paladin and Caelynn Creed moved from Lyceum Arion to Phanaeus in Region Delphi where Paladin Creed had inherited a house from the late Paladin Arete. Paladin Creed covertly remained active while raising his daughter in anonymity. There is little of note regarding Caelynn Creed during her formative years.

138.1855 Caelynn Creed granted admission to Academy on her initial application.

150.1855 Caelynn Creed moves to Incoming Student Residence in Delphinia, Region Delphi, and begins studies in Pre-Thelian History. The following year Miss Creed moved to a rental residence on the west edge of the Academy grounds to be closer to the Academy History Campus. A rental rate dispute soon led to Miss Creed seeking new living accommodations and resulted in her moving to her current residence – a house shared by Miss Creed, Merrick Ashbury, Brayson Levermaine, and Em Weathers.

289.1861 Caelynn Creed accepted to Delphinia Museum Academy Volunteer Program under the oversight of Professor Peter Jorsan.

184.1862 Delphinia Museum attacked by Alfcar. Target of the attack was the Incoming Exhibits storage room – specifically archeological artifacts from the Trimbolen Peninsula.

185.1862 Delphinia Guardians receive anonymous tip that Caelynn Creed and Brayson Levermaine were involved in the museum attack.  Commander Lincon Sparks dispatched to investigate report and return Miss Creed to Dawn’s Light protection.

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