Lyceum Arion Records: Kenton Creed

Profile: Kenton Creed

Status:  Active – Paladin – DL78522

Age: 60

Birthdate:  043.1802

Sex: Male

Hair: White

Eyes: Blue

Height: 6’2”

Current Residence: Phanaeus, Region Delphi

Past Residence: Lyceum Arion

Past Residence: Orrat Mountains, Region Dagr


Allis Gage – Mother (Deceased)

Albert Gage – Father (Deceased)

Bethany Solace – Mother (Adopted / Commander DL68272 -Retired)

Arete – Mentor (Paladin DL63952 – Deceased)

Caelynn Creed – Daughter (Adopted / Protected)

Everett Sparks – Friend (Paladin DL78521 – MIA)

Meli Sparks – Friend (Protected)

Lincon Sparks – Protege (Commander/Acolyte – DL93722)

Details: 273.1812 Commander Bethany Solace (Retired) was dispatched to Region Dagr to investigate stories of miracles and destruction in the Orrat Mountains. Commander Solace’s investigation led to the discovery of a young boy with exceptional powers living alone in the mountains. Subject was subdued by the combined efforts of Paladin Arete and Everett Sparks, and delivered to Lyceum Arion for treatment and evaluation.

Subject formally entered training 043.1816 and quickly surpassed older trainees. Subject was repeatedly denied graduation due to behavioral difficulties* until 1822 when he was granted Commander status. Commander Gage was promoted to Paladin 326.1832 whereupon he took the surname Creed.

074.1837 – Paladin Creed, in conjunction with Paladin Sparks, led a raid on an Alfcar encampment in Region Raqmu.  Paladins Creed and Sparks discovered an infant girl who was the subject of an interrupted Alfcar ritual. Paladin Creed performed a transference to save the child’s life – thus bonding his life with hers, effectively adopting her and bringing her under Dawn’s Light protection.

076.1840 – Paladin Creed and Caelynn Creed moved from Lyceum Arion to Phanaeus, Region Delphi, where Paladin Creed has covertly maintained his active duty status.

*Disciplinary records were sealed upon graduation, however it is commonly rumored that Subject was responsible for a number of pranks, including the release of hundreds of levitating globlob fish in the study halls during final testing in 1818.

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